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Intellectual Property

Sostie request purchasers not to procure any items in order to create a product that may be intentionally violating on intellectual property in any way, along with any individual's patent rights. Products covered by valid patents are not presented for sale in countries, where doing so would be considered patent infringement, and the buyer would be liable. In accordance with 35 USC 271 (e) +A13, products currently covered by valid US patents are given for R&D usage. We Assumes Products governed by valid patents are not open for sale in countries where this would be called patent infringement, and the buyer might be accountable for the same. Sostie is a sourcing and marketing company only and are not manufacturing any products presented on website, either manufacturers or buyers are legally responsible for the same.

Controlled Substance Category: 

Only original import license issued by the authorities of the importing country is mandatory, for products included in the controlled substance category of scheduled products to be exported directly from the manufacturer end.