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Cannabinoid derivatives

Cannabinoid derivatives are widely used in Pharma, Nutricuticals, Cosmetics and many more industries!

We are happy to represent one of the most sophisticated manufacturer of EU for this products to distribute them world wide!

CBD Isolate (Cannabidiol) (>99% purity)

CBD (cannabidiol) is undoubtedlyone ofthe mostrecognizedcannabinoidsofthehemp plant.It is an ingredient found in almost all hemp related products. What is more, CBD has well documented and clinically approved pharmacotherapeutic properties as a 10% solution of CBD in oil was approved as a treatment for certain types of seizures.

CBN Isolate (Cannabinol) (>98%purity)

CBN(Cannabinol)is a cannabinoid of a natural ageing and research shows its antibacterial, anti-inflammatoryand anticonvulsant properties.Proprietary technology allows us to achieve large amounts of this minor cannabinoid exceeding98% purity

CBC (Cannabichromene) (>98% purity)

CBC (Cannabichromene) is a market trending minor cannabinoid and has been explored for use as an antibacterial, acne medication, antidepressant, paincontrol,migrainetherapy.Low concentrationincombinationwith complicated separation makes CBC hardly affordableat large quantities.Our proprietary technologyallowsustoachievelargeamountsof thisminorcannabinoidexceeding98%purity

CBDV (cannabidivarin) (>98% purity)

CBDV (cannabidivarin) cannabinoid is one of the many molecules present in hemp and cannabis plants. The varinolic cannabinoids, like CBDV and THCV, are considered minor but are now emerging as new targets of selective breeding.The purity of the CBDV isolate developed by Sanobiotecteamexceeds98%

THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) (>98% purity)

Our pure synthetic THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is the latest addition to our product portfolio. Latest research supports its potential In the treatment of chronic diseases. The compound shows promise in pre-clinical studies as an anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, and neuro-protectant. The purity of THCV isolate developed by our team exceeds 98%.

CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid) (>98% purity)

CBDA (Cannabidiolicacid) is a natural phyto-cannabinoid that can be extracted from cannabis plant. It is naturally transformed into CBD over time or upon heating. Semi-synthetic CBDA is derived from natural CBD that was extracted from CBD-abundant hemp strains.Our proprietary technology developed here at Sanobiotec allows us to provide you with copious amounts of highest purity CBDA

CBG (Cannabigerol) (>99% purity)

Our CBG (Cannabigerol) isolate is the highest ofquality and consistency, at 99% purity. Produced using CBG-abundant hempstrains and precise refinement techniques.

CBGA ( Cannabigerolic acid) (<98% purity)

Our CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) isolate boasts of the highest quality, purity and consistency, with 98% purity. This is due to proprietary technology developed here at our facility that allows us to provide you with copious amouns of CBGA. CBGA is the primary (so-called mother cannabinoid) cannabinoid that is naturally transformed into other well-known cannabinoids in the plant, such as CBD, CBN, CBC. Semi-synthetic CBGA is derived from natural CBG that was extracted from CBG-abundant hemp strains. This process gives us the complete control of production, purity and quality of the final goods. Whereas emerging pharmacological properties make it an interesting target for every health and wellness related product portfolio!